Rare Cloth Alert: Black Panther’s Fashion

The cast of Black Panther offered plenty of reasons to be excited, but I went into the movie most excited to see the work of someone off camera — and not Ryan Cooler, either. This amazing interview with Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter left me anticipating amazing work from the costume department. The results still blew me away.

The Atlantic article details the level of intricacy, craftsmanship, and technology that went into creating a single dress: Lupita’s green dress in the shady club scene required a 3D printed pattern. Ryan Coogler gives a breakdown of the intention behind the costumes in that scene in an interview with Vanity Fair. Chad Boseman’s tux in that scene is equally amazing. I loved reading this interview with Walé Oyéjidé, a designer who contributed garments including Boseman’s scarf in the UN scene.

green dress

I first knew things were getting serious with the introduction of Angela Basset’s character, the mother of T’Challa. Her headdress and dress also looked 3D printed, with an insane level of detail and a beautiful cream color. Later she wore a similarly incredible black headdress.

ramonda white dress

headdress black

Michael B. Jordan’s outfits gave off a stylish militant vibe that kind of reminded me of Bane from the Dark Night Rises.


The showstoppers for me were Shuri’s outfits. They somehow toed the line between clothing that was casual, futuristic, and chic. I couldn’t find a picture of my favorite piece of clothing of all, which was a white shirt with an orange patterned collar. Guess you have to see the movie!

shuri white dress hd

shuri chase scene hd

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