Street Style: October in Tokyo

Big cities always encourage more bold fashion choices. Who cares if you look different when there’re millions of people walking the sidewalk every day? It’s a bit dramatic to describe the way anyone dresses as “brave”, but I really do appreciate when people feel they can express themselves freely through their clothing.

Tokyo is up there when it comes to the best dressed cities. Residents of all ages aren’t afraid to throw bright colors or unconventional cuts into their outfits. Japanese clothing in general allows for much more flexibility than American fashion. We have shirts, sweaters, and jackets. They have giant scarves, three-quarter-sleeved jackets, and drapey poncho things. I was there in late October and caught a lot of cool overcoats and layers.

Check it out and learn from the best.


This guy is clearly the drip GOD. Roppongi. 
Two swag lords in Harujuku. 
Effortless business style on the subway. 
Old money looks in Ginza. 
Powerful button stance on this sharp-fitting topcoat. Ginza. 
If you’re wondering how to rock pleats, take notes from the master. Ginza. 
Two ways to flex your flashy sneaks. Ginza. 


Hoodie skirt uniform. Ginza. 
Never be afraid of plaid on plaid. Ginza
The grandfather of your style lives in Ginza. 
Gold-rim glasses goals. Tsukiji. 
This week in purses that look like furry dogs… Tsukiji
tokyo street style 1
A twist on French blue and pinstripes. Ginza. 
tokyo street style 4
These is bloody pants. Ginza. 

tokyo street style 7

tokyo street style 8
Shooter respect shooter. Hibiya Park. 
tokyo street style 9
Biker best friend style. Tsukiji. 
tokyo street style-1
Is lime green in your wardrobe? Ginza. 
tokyo street style-2
Fly purses give you wings. Ginza. 
tokyo street style-3
The ’60s are alive in Ginza. 

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