The Coldest Jackets for 2018

Japanese style differs greatly from many American or European traditions by spurning the human body. The imagination to spite the human silhouette has been a hallmark of one of Japan’s most successful fashion exports, Rei Kawakubo. Rather than tailoring that hugs the shoulders and hips, Japanese brands emphasize texture, material, and clever construction.

Not all of the jackets in this post are Japanese. Still, I love the way they play on traditional expectations of outerwear. Many defy any recognizable silhouette. They could make you feel like a rock star, an insulated package, or a bounty hunter in a dystopian cantina. Most of the pictures are from La Foret, although there are a few from Dover Street Market Ginza, including the latest women’s winter coats from Commes Des Garçons. They all share an exacting level of quality when it comes to tailoring and materials.

The audacious styling combines colors and patterns in a way that captures the lack of inhibition the Japanese bring to getting dressed.

_DSC0323 1
Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans will be glad to see Mac’s duster is finally back in style.


Jewel tones offer a fresh take on the varsity jacket.
Imagine how cozy you would be in this pile of floppy tubes.


_DSC0314 1
Rei Kawakubo does amazing things with wool.


I love this cropped bomber from Heron Preston.
It doesn’t get better for bombers than Rick Owens.

_DSC0512_DSC0517 1

Balenciaga channels Patagonia prep.


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