Theory of an Italian Gentleman

“Now, when you write a sentence, you’re working for the world. You’re trying to embellish it with beauty. When you prepare for the day, you should try to smell nice. You open your closet and ask yourself: Am I slightly more serious or joyful today? With whom will I meet, and do I want them to think I’m an intellectual or an industrialist? I take twenty minutes to dress, giving myself three options, depending on weather. It takes at least three times to get my tie right. But it doesn’t matter what the clothes, you try to match your colors with love, one bright color, the rest neutrals. And this is how you embellish the world, too.”

-Brunello Cucinelli, “A Man of Substance in a Surface World”, GQ

I’ve never subscribed to the idea that formal dress equates to better style. At the same time, it’s silly to deny any norms of fashion or dressing. Clothing is one of the most basic forms of human interaction and a large part of how you present yourself to the world. The way you dress can signal a level of respect for those around you, and no one does it better than Brunello. This feature will forever be one of my favorite articles on style and a manifesto for the slow fashion philosophy.


Image from Forbes

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